For almost fifteen years, Prevent Tec is representing a brand that is aimed at resolving the issue of fire safety, protection against chemicals and self-protection in the field of hygiene within industry and households.

We advocate an integrated approach to the product. Our team of experts is handling product from development and testing phase to implementation in practice and presentation to customers.

Through our solutions, we address a wide spectrum of industries. Sectors in which we implement our soultuons include pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, government organizations, transport of dangerous substances, intervention services and others. Throught this, we are always open to new fields. Our product experts have extensive experience in an interdisciplinary sense – which means that we are oriented towards expansion into other industry markets.

The mission of our company revolves around operating according to the principle of prevention and comprehensive solution of individual problems. With this, we are in a solid and strategically formed position to help clients advise and build the future – even in times when some things seem out of reach and impossible. We operate on the principle of true understanding of customers, their industry and their operating principles, so that we can adjust the entire business cooperation and potential development to each individual. The success and realization of the vision of our customers is a mission that our team offers and fulfills with unique and business friendly solutions. Solutions that are supported by research, analysis and experiences.

As a company with a reputation and focus on health and collective partnerships our relationships are oriented towards growth, which takes place with us and our cooperation, proportionate and coherent. We always call for proactiveness in cooperation, dialogue, proposals and cyclical optimization with constant monitoring of progress and potential opportunities for improvement. With this, we continuously strengthen the foundation for a story that is the harmony of our abilities and your vision.

We are the representative and business unit of Prevent Tec in Slovenia. We market products independently and through our partners from different parts of the world. We represent the areas of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

CEO, Boštjan Štraus