DUST-SAFE is a binding agent used to limit dusting and the spread of dust particles at work sites, construction sites and within industry.

The agent is in the form of granules and works by binding dust and dirt particles of different sizes, which limits their spread, while at the same time the texture of the granules does not change, so its removal is easy and fast – without use of special techniques or tools.

By limiting dust, Dust-safe addresses many application possibilities – which touches both the professional and private spectrum. In households, it can be used to protect sensitive devices during renovations, and in industry it is used as a constant for absorbing dust and dirt. This enables safe work, protection and health of the worker and, quite importantly, cleanliness of the workplace. Due to this, its use is suitable for the wood industry, construction, heavy metal industry, plastic industry, etc.


Dust-safe highlights its advantages through:


Fire suppression of dust particles and dirt.


Tested in accordance with the DWA-A 716-1 directive.


Almost completely biodegradable – it decomposes as much as ninety-eight percent. Time management and financial economy in dust and dirt cleaning – no need for cleaning services.


Environmentally neutral and non-toxic.

Dust-safe has been assessed as suitable for occupational health and safety and environmental testing in accordance with the DWA-A 716-1 directive on general requirements for binders. The granulate is developed by the Institute of Hygiene in Ruhr at the Department of Environmental Toxicology and is scientifically validated and recommended.