Silent protectors and unsung heroes of fire safety – both for domestic and professional use.

FireEx 600

FireEx 600 is a non-toxic bio-based gel used to extinguish initial fires and prevent their spread.

FireEx PRO

FireEx PRO is an advanced concentrated extinguishing spray in the form of a gel, which, with a spray head, enables stopping and limiting small-scale fires – especially battery fires and fires of electrical installations.

FireEx C-M

FireEx C-M is a gel-based extinguishing concentrate that does not contain fluoride-based surfactants, does not contain phosphates, butylglycol and silicone.

FireEx C-Marine

FireEx C-Marine is a fire extinguishing concentrate used for extinguishing fires in water – it is specialized for seas and other salt waters.

FireEx Forest

FireEx Forest is an extinguishing agent in the form of a gel, which is specifically intended for extinguishing forest fires and plants in general.

FireEx LA

FireEx LA is an extinguishing agent that is primarily used to extinguish rubber and plastic fires.